ELS MC-275-RU BECH cello mute



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ELS MC-275-RU BECH cello mute

BECH cello mute, high density rubber, with magnet and tailpiece holder


BECH cello mute, high density rubber, with magnet and tailpiece holder

Terry Bech, a professional musician with the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Hilversum, Holland, invented the Magnetic Mute System to eliminate the irritating vibration noises caused by traditional mutes. Tests in the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra in Enschede, Holland demonstrated on an ensemble level that a professional orchestra improves its overall sound quality while muted when a majority of string players use the Bech Magnetic Mutes. Today, Bech's unique magnetic mute is the de facto standard among the world's leading string players<br><br>- No unwanted vibration noises.<br>- Convenience-stays on the instrument without fail exactly where you want it. Thus, the mute is always ready for use, even when the music composition allows little time to engage or disengage the mute.<br>- The powerful magnetic fastening reduces risk of loss.<br>- The magnet helps the mute find its resting place against the tailpiece.<br>- Unique design prevents string abrasion or damage to your instrument.<br>- The Bech Violin/Viola Mute has a unique rounded inner edge on its wedge lip, which reduces rosin contamination and stickiness on wedge/mute interface.<br>- Hi-tech rubber is engineered for durability and lasting flexibility, which guarantees a continuing good fit on the bridge.<br>- Acoustic qualities of mute materials allow the voice of the instrument to resonate even while muted.<br><br>

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